Squib 29 Nov 2020

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First Time Using A Bullet Puller for a Lead Round Ball

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Filmed September 5, 2020
This is my first time owning/ using a bullet puller. I didn't have any instructions, I just sorta figured it out. There may be other ways, but this seems to work for me, so I thought I'd share it in case anyone out there with a stuck bullet could get an idea of an easy, inexpensive way to remove it safely.

About the nipple wrench. The size of the percussion cap doesn't matter as much for fitment as does the cutout in the cylinder for the wrench to fit onto the nipple (or cone). The issue is the same with getting a capper to fit. If you watched my Thompson Center 7 Star Capper video, you can see this a little better. Some wrenches are specific to some revolvers and some work better on others. I will be purchasing better nipple wrenches in the future, but I thought I would explain why I couldn't remove the cone (or nipple) better than just saying the the wrench doesn't fit because of the size of the percussion cap. I purchased the only wrench at the store that would possibly fit and it didn't.

Also, you do not have to purchase the kit in order to get the bullet puller. You can buy the puller itself and attach it to any rod or T-handle with a 10-32 female thread. The kit was all they had at the store, just like the wrench. Here's the link to just the puller by itself.

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