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Florida Stand Your Ground Law Means I Can Shoot Anyone.

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What does Florida's Stand Your Ground Law REALLY mean?
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In this video I discuss the Florida Stand Your Ground Law. As Im sure you know this is a very controversial law here in Florida. However very people really understand what the Stand Your Ground Law means. I hope this video helps clarify many of the misconceptions people have and even though Im explaining this in a fun way using a firearm in self defense is a very complex topic...

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My second goal for this playlist is to provide you with the proper training and self defense techniques to ensure you will survive a self defense situation. We will discuss the proper use of a pistol, revolver and non lethal weapons. However watching a video isn鈥檛 enough unless pistol training becomes a part of your daily routine you will not be ready for a self defense situation.

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RobertM 5 months ago

Yeah. Castle doctrine still applies even to stand your ground. If you have a way to retreat or get away then you will not be justified using deadly force. Only if you have no retreat or avenue to leave the threat to your life situation and your back is literally against the wall being cornered would deadly force be justified. There must be a clear threat to your life and you are in fear for your life with no retreat. Folks must learn their gun and carry statutes.

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