Dustin Ellermann
Dustin Ellermann 11 May 2023

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FoldAR sends NFA Packing with its Concealable .999 MOA 16" Rifle

In General

FoldAR is one of the most unique setups we've had on the channel so far. This isn't just a stock attachment. No, it's literally hinged and folding right at the chamber. We put it through quite the "break in process" #topshottreeservice style then see how accurate it can be.

More info on everything we talked about: https://linktr.ee/topshotdustin
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This test is for educational purposes and is specifically filmed and produced in accordance with YouTube's community guidelines. Dustin is a certified, licensed, and insured firearms instructor. Everything was filmed on an OFFICIAL GUN RANGE and closed range with all the proper safety precautions. Do not attempt to duplicate anything yourself.

0:00 Folding AR15!
0:58 Accufure Optics
1:29 How does it fold?
2:55 Super Easy Barrel Swaps
3:28 Small as an SBR, but NOT NFA
4:41 sHoOt Ti FoLdEd!
5:36 Top Shot Tree Service Break In
8:31 Bootleg BCG
10:07 100 yard Accuracy Test
10:38 Repeatability after Folding
12:15 I subbed for the Outro

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