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FOSSCAD Charon v0 2b AR 15 Pistol and Test Fire

In General

Published on Sep 2, 2013

The Charon v0.2b (AR-15 platform) was created to merge the modularity of the AR-15 with the ergonomics of the FN P90. The latest version of the Charon (version 3.0) can be downloaded using the links below.

This build was printed and tested by w00ticus.

The designer of the Charon series is by Warfairy who can be contacted in the FOSSCAD IRC channel or at shanrilivan-at-yahoo dot-com.

You can send any questions about the build in this video to [email protected]

For the latest Charon v3.0 CAD files (including latest upgrades):

For the Charon v0.2b CAD Files (old version):

A quick run down on the legality of the build can be found here

To contact FOSSCAD or reach their IRC channel visit the link below and click on chat:
irc server:
channel: #fosscad

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