fosscad 31 Jul 2018

FOSSCAD: World's First 3D Printed Revolver!

In General

In this video we have the PM522 Washbear 22LR revolver by patrickiv. This was the World's first ever working 3D printed double action revolver. The Washbear is a 6 or 8-shot zigzag pepperbox style revolver chambered in .22LR. This PM522 was inspired by the FOSSCAD Imura Revolver which never consistently worked.

In the video patrickiv explains his thoughts behind the design and then there is a test fire by FP. FP's PM522 was 3D printed in ABS. People have since created 9mm and 357 variants.

This video is from Nov 15, 2015 and is back for all to enjoy.

The CAD files for the Washbear are in the FOSSCAD Megapack starting from v4.8.


PM522 Photo Album:
Imura Pistol v2.0 Photo Album:

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