IvanTheTroll 18 May 2019

Freeman's 'Ghetto Blaster' - 3d printed Tec9/AB10 Frame (Glock Mag compatible)

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Because my accounts and such seem to keep getting taken down - I'll update contact info using headers. Disregard contact info in the comments, as it may be bad. Link should all be good - leave a comment or ping me if a link to files isn't working.

email me: ivanthetroll@protonmail.com
Twitter: @Det_Disp
Keybase: IvanTheTroll

May 9th, download your own printable Tec9/AB10 frame.

The Freeman's 'Ghetto Blaster' adds to the library of printable guns.

And yes, it takes Glock mags.

Get your CAD on: https://spee.ch/@Deterrence-Dispensed:2/Tec9B.zip

Music source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcbgL6yOp8E

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Wafflite 5 months ago

curious if you plan to do any fitting videos on this. i cant get mine to fit right at all including the mag releases. im sure the files are fine. its probably just me not doing something right.

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IvanTheTroll 5 months ago

Gotta be smarter than the gun. Find what is preventing it from fitting and dremel, sand, or file it down.

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riskerftw 6 months ago

there's no link for files can u update? thanks great job looks good can't wait to print one

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IvanTheTroll 6 months ago


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