Enrique Sonora
Enrique Sonora 01 Jan 2019

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Galco M7X Matrix Holster Review

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Quick review of the Galco M7X Matrix OWB holster. This particular model works with the Glock line of pistols. It has two snap straps that can accommodate 1.5 in. belts and with some larger flexible belts that are 1.75 in. in width. The straps are not adjustable or removable. The holster is made from molded plastic, this is not Kydex (R) plastic.
It is an inexpensive holster that has a price range between $27 to $37 dollars.
I highly recommend this holster.
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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 2 years ago

Good holster for a piece of plastic. I usually carry IWB but this is one of two I have for OWB. It is great for my G27 and the only way I carry my G22 because it keeps the gun high and it doesn’t stick out of the bottom of a jacket or shirt.

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