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Alpha Koncepts 16 Aug 2022

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Gear for Defensive Pistol - the gear you need if you are attending an advanced handgun class.

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If you're going to be attending a Defensive Pistolc ourse, you're going to need to bring the proper gear. In this video we break down the gear you're going to need tofr a Defensive Pistol course.

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Defensive handgun "“ Leave the competition pistols and trophy guns at home. This class is for defensive training with your concealed carry pistol or home defense pistol.
Spare magazines or speed loaders "“ If you are bringing a semi-automatic pistol to your defensive class, bring at least two spare magazines. However, if you are bringing a revolver, bring at least 3-speed loaders. The general rule of thumb "more is better" applies here. If two spare magazines is good, why not bring 3, or 4?
Magazine pouch "“ a magazine pouch, magazine holster, or some clip for storing spare magazines is recommended. Loosely placing spare magazines in your pocket is not ideal, as you will immediately find out.
Typically for an 8 hour day, we recommend not less than 500 rounds of ammunition. It's better to have more than you need, rather than not enough ammo.
A good thick belt and pants with belt loops. Please don't show up with yoga pants or sweat pants that aren't capable of carrying the weight of the gun. This is important!
Eye and ear protection is a must. For ear protection, we recommend electronic hearing so you may better hear the commands of the instructor. Don't forget spare batteries!
A safe holster. It's not a bad idea to bring an extra outside the waistband holster too. Please do not bring soft floppy leather holsters or generic one size fits all nylon holsters, as many of these holsters are unsafe. Kydex and molded plastic holsters are HIGHLY recommended.

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