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Sandhills Shooter 28 Aug 2020

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GET OFF MY LAWN! Podcast #043: Becoming a 2A Advocate

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Advocating for the 2nd Amendment doesn't have to cost thousands or millions of dollars, it doesn't have to take up hours upon hours each week, and you don't need any special abilities in order to do it. There are MYRIAD things that you can do to advocate for the 2nd Amendment, and not all of them are gestures on a large scale such as staging a 2A rally or range event. You can write letters and emails and make phone calls to your local, state, and national elected representatives. You can even just let the world see that you're a gun owner and you are still a law-abiding, background check-passing citizen. Let's sit down with a panel of 2A advocates and talk about what they are doing, and what YOU can do, to help advocate for the 2nd Amendment.

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