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Sandhills Shooter 09 Aug 2021

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GET OFF MY LAWN! Podcast #077: Responsibly Armed Citizen or Vigilante?

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We hear time and again from anti-gun activists and politicians that we as firearm owners WANT to kill someone or hunt people. While we firearm owners know that idea is a flat-out LIE, others may not. Responsibly armed citizens do not own/carry firearms because we WANT to take a life, but instead because we choose to defend our own lives. No responsible, reasonable person goes LOOKING for a gunfight, just like no TRUE student of a martial art goes looking for a fistfight.

Let's get all the nonsense out in the open and discuss the TRUTH, in the hopes that we can send the myth that we want to be Batman or the Punisher back to the pages of a comic book, where it belongs.

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