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Sandhills Shooter 12 Dec 2021

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I'm sure you've heard the saying, "Don't talk about politics or religion." It seems to be a saying dating at least as far back as our grandparents' day. But just how much, exactly, has such a sentiment COST our society?

I think as a whole, our society has lost the ability to have a meaningful conversation regarding politics and religion. They were treated as a social "third rail" for so long, that now in 2021, very few are able to have a true DISCUSSION. Lately politics have been a HOTLY debated topic, but without the ability to DISCUSS, most people simply want to tell you why they are right and you are wrong, regardless of what you say or why you're saying it. Religion has become such a taboo that many are now scared to even pray in public, much less share their convictions or learn about a faith different from their own.

Let's break the social rules and sit down for a discussion about politics and religion. Who knows? We may even find out we can be civil and remain friends afterward!

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