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Sandhills Shooter 24 Dec 2021

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GET OFF MY LAWN! Podcast #092: Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts, and JAIL TIME???

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Tonight, lets discuss the merits of bumper stickers/t-shirts/social media posts with those cute and funny sayings that so many people dismiss as just good fun, but could potentially land someone in jail. I'm talking about an AR-15 dust cover with the words, "You're F*cked"; a bumper sticker saying, "Keep honking, I'm reloading!"; or a sign by the doorbell that reads, "We don't dial 911."

Most people either smile and laugh at these, or shake their heads and go on about their business. But what if you find yourself on the business end of a murder/manslaughter charge due to a defensive use of your firearm? Are those considered "free speech," or can prosecutors use those against you in court to put you in jail, even after a "justified" use of deadly force?

Join our guests Rob Morse, Michael Woodland, Mike Piwowarski, and some of our usual suspects as we dig into the potential pitfalls of exercising your 1st Amendment rights.

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