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Sandhills Shooter 13 May 2022

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GET OFF MY LAWN! Podcast #105: Father Knows Best

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Are you a grown adult? Are you capable of making your own decisions? Are you capable of making GOOD decisions, INFORMED decisions? Can you distinguish between fact and fiction?

Most Americans over the age of 20 (I REALLY want to say 25) can answer YES to any of those questions. Any American who is trying to make their way in the world under their own steam instead of living off the government teat should be able to answer YES to ALL of those questions.

The government doesn't think so. The government thinks you are too irresponsible, too childish, too dependent on them, and ultimately too INDOCTRINATED to answer YES to those questions.

Let's talk about how the government wants to treat you like you're 5 years old and make all your decisions for you. They want to be your daddy and tell you THEY know what's best for you. That is the very OPPOSITE of the principles upon which that very government was founded.

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