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Sandhills Shooter 05 Aug 2022

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GET OFF MY LAWN! Podcast #116: Know Your Worth

In General

You have value. You are worth protecting. You are worth defending.
AND, you have the right to insist that others respect YOUR rights.

We hear all the time that our nation's greatest resource is our children, the next generation of Americans. We also hear all the time that we need to "teach our sons not to (fill in the blank)." And yet, when someone says we also need to "teach our daughters not to (fill in a different blank), we get called out for "victim shaming," or "body shaming," or "having a double standard."

I say we need to teach ALL of our young people, sons and daughters alike, that they have value, that their value does NOT rest in the opinions of others, and it also does not rest in their physical appearance or any willingness to be promiscuous.

Let's talk about what society would look like if we would just teach the next generation to value their own self-worth, their bodies, their health, their virtue, and everything else that makes them unique, special, and VALUABLE. Just imagine an America where they grow up to be self-respecting, patriotic, and, dare I say it, GOD-FEARING adults.

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