GunFreedomRadio 22 Jun 2017

GFR Video Interview Cheryl Todd & Kevin Dixie 6.21.17

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GunFreedomRadio Video Interview Series Vol2 EP88 Kevin Dixie
Kevin Dixie is the owner operator of No Other Choice Firearms Training (NOC), Where their motto is "Be prepared for when there is No Other Choice."

Gun Freedom Radio's co-host, Cheryl Todd, talks with Kevin about firearms training for all ages, including children. Within the courses Kevin teaches are mental preparedness techniques, and he discusses why the mind and body must both be trained to work together, and why these lessons are a MUST in firearms training programs. Kevin also shares some techniques for how to interact with law enforcement during a routine traffic stop.
Kevin Dixie is:
"“ A Firearms and Freedom Lover
"“ A Promoter of "free thought" and creating critical thinkers/not conspiracy theory supporters
"“ A Second Amendment promoter
"“ A Justice Promoter
"“ Aiming to bridge gaps and restore relationships while holding everyone accountable in the proper regards
"“ Bringing the common man/woman into the firearms and constitutional awareness world

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