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Ghost Tactical 18 Aug 2019

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Ghost Diaries: Why America Doesn't Like Gun Owners...Are We To Blame?

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Ghost Diaries: Why America Doesn't Like Gun Owners...Are We To Blame?

Today, we discuss why our fellow Americans do not like gun owners. Are we to blame? How do we change it? Just my thoughts on the subject.

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Credit: Trey Miller

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RobertM 1 year ago

Let me be frank. I own guns to defend my life and liberty and if necessary put food on the table. I would not need guns if folks were not so wicked and a threat to my life and liberty. I certainly don't love guns. They are a tool and a necessary evil for defense and hunting. The only Americans I know of that don't like gun owners are ones that have not been a victim of crime or have a totalitarian political agenda or both. I do not consider those who are anti-life and anti-liberty to be Americans because they do not value those things. I defer to the Declaration of Independence.

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