Mountaineer Marksman
Mountaineer Marksman 22 Jun 2020

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Girls with Guns: A Historical Perspective

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Shoot鈥檈m, Clean鈥檈m, GORN鈥檈m
Mountaineer Marksman on Youtube, Instagram & GunStreamer. #GORNdaySunday

History of guns, a different perspective taken from combining two old footage, fair use content, videos. Having fun, good bbq video for this memorial day weekend馃憤馃憤馃嚭馃嚫馃ォ馃挜馃ォ馃挜

#BBQtheCovid19 #SameNormal

Credit: (orig. video)

Having fun, filming 2nd - Mountaineer Marksman. I shoot, I clean and then #GORNdaySunday (TM)

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Thor Kill
Thor Kill 4 years ago

She has a very nice shirt

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