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Glock 43 vs Walther CCP | Two gun shootout

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Here is a look at the Walther CCP using the Glock 43 as a reference point. Both guns are under 600 dollars. The Walther CCP is a blowback gas design, created to reduce recoil. It is a bigger gun both barrel and grip than the Glock 43 and it also holds 1-2 more rounds depending on the magazine used.

Video and Production: Kelly-Charles Pidgeon, Lori Blackwell
Warning: This is a firearms video. Please treat all firearms as if they are loaded and always keep them pointed in a safe direction.
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ingratitudeiam 6 years ago

What's the difference in the height between the two guns? The Walther appears to have a higher bore axis? Is that the case? Taran Tactical makes great +1 and +2 base plates for the G43.
Thanks for taking the time.

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cmblake6 6 years ago

I too have a CCP, and carry it quite frequently. VERY nice in the hand.

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ShooterBob 6 years ago

Kelly, I have two Walther CCP's and I love them for the way they fit my hand (important.) However, there is a caveat to using/carrying one, and it could be detrimental to someone having the CCP for personal protection. If, when racking the slide, one does not pull the slide all the way to the rear it is possible to chamber a round but not, I repeat not, cock the striker.I did this on several occasions in my living room, chambering and ejecting an entire magazine of dummy rounds. Do not pull the slide back quickly and let it snap back quickly without ensuring it was pulled all the way back to the stop. Doing a press check to check for a chambered round can be misleading. I recommend to anyone choosing the CCP to practice with dummy rounds for a long time before putting this gun in his/her holster.

ShooterBob, Kansas City

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ArmedAndFeminine 6 years ago

Good to know! Thank you!

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