Shootimbil 12 May 2018

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Glock 43 with Apex Trigger Review & Shooting Impresions

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Glock 43 with Apex Trigger: Review & Shooting Impresions
I’ve never enjoyed the feel of GLOCK’s factory trigger on my finger. The safety blade on them has always protruded a bit beyond the shoe causing a hot spot on my digit. This is usually magnified by the six pounds or more that it requires to set one off. After a few hundred rounds, I usually have a little dimple on my trigger finger. Not the end of the world, but certainly not an experience I go out of my way to have.
If nothing else, Apex’s flat-faced trigger makes for a much more comfortable and ergonomic shooting experience. The safety blade is still there, but it’s easily disengaged, and moved to a recessed position within the flat, smooth trigger shoe. This is a big upgrade in my mind, and immediately made the gun a bit more pleasant to shoot.

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Gun_Sam 6 years ago

Hi Bill, good to see you over on this site!

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