BoomstickTactical 01 Mar 2021

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Glock 43x One Year Review

In General

The Glock 43x is proving itself to be one of the best concealed carry 9mm pistols on the market. Most of the time my main concealed carry pistol is a Glock 19. Occasionally I will carry one of my other pistols. My Glock 43x is one pistol I almost always have on me as a backup gun.

The size of the pistol makes it easily concealable and the grip is long enough to be able to control recoil.

Streamlight 69280 TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mount Flashlight
43 / 43X Inside Waistband Holster

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Here are several different types of fun targets to shoot:
Silhouette Reactive Splatter Shooting Target:

TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS AR500 Silhouette Steel Plate
Splatterburst Targets
Sink the Boat target:
Correcting shooting errors target:
Shooting game targets:
Zombie targets:
Hostage targets:
Pistol Poker targets:
Police training target:

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