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Glock 43x Trigger Control Drill

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The "Dime Drill" is a popular and effective trigger control exercise that has been used by shooters of all skill levels to improve their marksmanship and enhance their overall shooting performance. This drill is particularly valuable for those who own compact or micro pistols like the Glock 43x, where precise trigger control is essential due to the shorter sight radius and smaller grip.

The concept behind the Dime Drill is quite straightforward. It involves placing a dime or a similarly sized coin on the front sight of your pistol while aiming at a target downrange. The goal is to press the trigger so smoothly and steadily that you can break the shot without disturbing the dime. If you execute the drill correctly, the dime should stay in place even after the shot is fired. This exercise demands a high degree of trigger control, as any jerky or abrupt movement will dislodge the coin.

Practicing the Dime Drill regularly can yield several benefits. Firstly, it helps shooters develop a refined sense of trigger control, promoting a smooth and consistent trigger press, which is crucial for accuracy. Additionally, it encourages shooters to focus on sight alignment and maintaining a steady sight picture while applying pressure to the trigger. This emphasis on fundamentals can lead to more accurate shots and improved overall marksmanship.

The Dime Drill is an excellent addition to any shooter's training regimen, regardless of their skill level or the type of pistol they use. It reinforces the importance of trigger control and concentration, both of which are essential for precision shooting, particularly with micro pistols like the Glock 43x. So, whether you're a seasoned shooter looking to fine-tune your skills or a beginner eager to build a solid foundation, the Dime Drill can be a valuable tool in your training arsenal.

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