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The Daily Shooter 14 Aug 2019

Glock 48 Review & Comparison with Glock 19

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This is a review of the Glock 48 with a comparison to the Glock 19.
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This video is intended for educational purposes only!

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TheMidget 6 months ago

I'm with you. I love the 48. I definitely noticed the difference in carrying the 48 versus the 19. It just feels slimmer in my waistband and of course its lighter by 5 rounds, and as cliche as it sounds - I literally forget that I'm carrying it. All in all its better than carrying a Shield 2.0 or something like that, because I get the full size feel with what feels like more conceal-ability and lightness. Now would I do it again - probably not. As much money as I put into the 48, I could have bought a gun a really love like a Sig P229 Legion or something like that. My 48 had to have the sights changed out, I dislike all Glock triggers, so I bought a Johnny Glock trigger, and because I didn't like the gray slide, I sent it out for Cerakoting and stippling. I spent so much money on this that my wife pointed out I could have just taken all that money and bought my Sig - Debbie Downer. But its still a great lightweight option when you're sick of a heavy gun in your waistband. Great videos! Glad you're hear.

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