NicTaylor00 12 Sep 2018

GSG Slow Motion Recoil Guide Rod Demo

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Upgrading your factory guide rod to a full length guide rod can improve reliability in your pistol. Replacing the factory guide rod with a NicTaylor00 guide rod with a shorter base may improve reliability even more and help increase reliability when using cheap / inexpensive bulk ammunition.

This video demonstrates the cycle of the 1911 22 using both the factory guide rod and NicTaylor00 guide rod. Using a high speed camera filmed at 600fps, we can see how the two compare. In short, the NicTaylor00 guide rod increases the slides overall rearward travel allowing for a weak magazine spring more time to push up the next round. The result, more reliable feeding. Additionally a reduced weight recoil spring is included that may allow for cheap or standard velocity ammo to cycle the slide easier.

Music by TeknoAXE, "Cover Blown"

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