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Gun Control Goons Show Their Hand For 2019 and Beyond

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Gun Control Goons Show Their Hand For 2019 and Beyond

AB-1927 Firearms: prohibition: voluntary list

AB-1968 Mental health: firearms

AB-2103 Firearms: license to carry concealed

AB-3129 Firearms: prohibited persons

AB-2888 Gun violence restraining orders

SB-221 Agricultural District 1-A: firearm and ammunition sales at the Cow Palace

SB-1100 Firearms: transfers

SB-1177 Firearms: transfers


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marcparis 6 years ago

What a shitty state. The courts are the only way to stop this BS. Hoping that Ginsberg will retire very soon and we can get a complete pro 2A court and all this crap can be overturned.

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Ron36105 6 years ago

never heard of this website until just now in your YouTube channel so here I am got an account and subscribed to this channel. Good luck on your new venture On here Jared I am sure it will take off fast.

   2    0
Jose 6 years ago

Hey thanks you for keeping us informed.

   2    0
Remington700 6 years ago

Keep up the good work

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Jbux1 6 years ago

Thanx for the heads up about this site.hadn't heard about it till you

   2    0
davagolin 6 years ago

I joined cause you are the best. thanks for your work

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spottybastard 6 years ago

CA sucks, but believe it or not Moonbeam is less anti civil rights than the muscle head was...Mr. Republican...

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MadRussian 6 years ago

Glad you finally made it over. We know it’s more work for you but we do appreciate everything that you do.

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