GunFreedomRadio 28 Aug 2019

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Gun Freedom Radio Interview with Cold Dead Hands

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We enjoyed a conversation with the Founder, Patrick James, and Co-Founder, Jon Britton, of Cold Dead Hands Constitutional Advocacy Group on the topics of:

"“ When murder is already illegal, can more legislation really make American's safer?

-There is an interesting and a stark contrast between the mass murderers who were government approved gun owners, and at the man in Philadelphia who was a felon. What laws will make better citizens?

"“ It is We the People who have failed to live up to the expectations of our Founders. We, as a whole have lost the responsibility and self-reliance required to maintain the purity of liberty and freedom. And as such, may likely find ourselves repeating history if we can't take up that torch again.

"“ We have heard people mocking the "good guy with a gun is what will stop a bad guy with a gun" theory, and on air we discussed the idea that one simply cannot compare a police response to a civilian response to emergency situations.

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