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American Gun Chic 25 Apr 2018

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Gun Shows & Goodies!!!! w/ American Gun Chic! Girls and Gunshows!!

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In this Video I share my 1st Gun Show goodies!!!!
Tasers, Scopes, knives ... You name it, I bought it! After all, Girls Love to Shop!!! and I just learned this Girl loves gun shows!

Girls and Guns I GIrls at Guns Shows I

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NickR 5 years ago

you can bring your gun and scope to a gun store and have them mount and bore sight the scope which should get it on paper, then you can make your fininte adjustments while bench rest shooting , If you have to do it all you self you can find a youtube video to direct and train you

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Fauxurfancy 5 years ago

Hi, congrats on your first competition. I also love shooting. Check your state laws about the switch blade knife. I live in OH and they are illegal here and I think they are illegal in all states. I never carry mine. For your scope, there are many videos to help. If your AR doesn’t have a Picatinny rail to attach it to and a set of stixs, they are a set of torque tools to put the scope on at whatever pounds of pressure your scope states. There are many videos on how to zero your scope. Good luck and have fun. The only dumb question is the one not asked.

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