GunFreedomRadio 22 May 2020

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GunFreedomRadio EP202 The Ameri-CAN Series: Family Game Nights with Jason Jameson

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We are doing a series called Ameri-CAN. Talking about the CAN-DO spirit that is part of our American DNA. So much about our lives has been turned upside down by this Corona Virus / Covid-19, and we have been hearing a lot about what we CAN’T do and where we CAN’T go, but our guests during this series are going to talk to us about their area of expertise and all of the ways we still CAN learn and grow, train, connect, and expand our freedoms in ways we maybe haven’t thought about before.

Jason Jameson is the son-in-law of our hosts, Dan & Cheryl Todd (so be sure to watch to the end for a special guest appearance of the Todd's Grand-Littles). Jason is also the co-founder of Lost Gravity Games. In the age of video games, board games have made a huge come-back as people have become hungry for more in-person interactions and social get-togethers.

Family business values run deep, and Jason’s co-founder is his cousin Clint Bishop. Together, Jason and Clint started Lost Gravity Games in 2019 to create and promote board games.

1) How did Lost Gravity Games start?

2) What are you focusing on now?

3) How has the quarantine affected Lost Gravity Games?

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