GunFreedomRadio 26 May 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP210 Protection for the 2A Industry with Quang Nguyen

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Our guest today is Quang Nguyen (pronounced "Kwong Win"). Quang is a member of the AZ House of Representatives, Legislative District One.
Quang is from the Town of Prescott Valley and is currently serving in his first term.
Quang Nguyen came to the United States 46 years ago at the end of the Vietnam War conflict. With just the clothes on his back, he managed to learn English, assimilated, attended and graduated college, and built a small business to support his family.
Quang is an active member of the NRA and is the President of the AZ State Rifle & Pistol Association.
1) Tell me about the Governor signing of SB 1382 into law
- Business Essential and Liability Protection for 2A Industry and Retailers
2) SB 1382 is a Wendy Rogers bill, how did you get involved?
3) Why is it important to codify this legislation when we already have PLAACA at the Federal level?
4) How will Arizona benefit from having from Federal overreach?

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