GunFreedomRadio 25 Jun 2020

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GunFreedomRadio EP216 Government Ruins Nearly Everything with Laura Carno

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Our guest today is Laura Carno. Laura is a political strategist setting straight the relationship between citizens and their government. She is the author of "Government Ruins Nearly Everything", is a Senior Fellow at Independent Women's Forum, and is the Executive Director of the FASTERColorado Charter.

Laura has dedicated herself to setting straight the relationship between citizens and their government. She helped to recall Colorado Senator John Morse with her “Don’t you Dare” campaign, and helped to send Mark Udall home with her Udall Lied campaign. She is active in Coloradans For Civil Liberties, an organization helping to win back the gun rights for the citizens of Colorado.

1) Your book "Government Ruins Nearly Everything" has come to mind so many times over the past few months. Some of the people we have elected into Government are definitely “ruining” things and forcing many of us across the nation to succumb to their power by using fear. Talk to us about choosing “safety” over liberty.
2) Balancing and properly prioritizing safety and liberty brings me to a school safety program called FASTERSavesLives. Talk to us about what FASTERColorado is, and how schools can make our kids (hopefully) safer when they come back in the Fall.
3) You wrote an article titled “Why the spike in first-time gun purchases amid coronavirus is an encouraging sign”. What do you mean by that?
4) What do you think is the single most impactful and important things we can do to help welcome or mentor the millions of brand new first time gun owners across the nation?

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