GunFreedomRadio 09 Sep 2020

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GunFreedomRadio EP249 How Private is Your Private Information? with Beth Baumann

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Our guest today is Beth Baumann. Beth is an Associate Editor for Townhall. Her primary interests include the Second Amendment, illegal immigration and free speech on college campuses. Beth recently wrote an article titled, "Judge Orders Police to Hand Over Private Information About Gun Owners"
1) Let's unpack that article about how private our private information really is.
2) We are in a rapid-fire news cycle with Covid, Civil unrest, murder hornets, and now the 2020 Presidential Election. How do you prioritize the stories you write about?
3) Many areas are still facing restrictions on their freedom due to Covid and there are riots across the country (Kenosha, WI right now). How do you think the average voter sees the role of the President and current administration in these things? Do most people see the President as part of the solution or as part of the problem?
4) The NSSF has published a report about surging gun ownership across the US. It seems that the rioting is encouraging more people to be pro-gun. How do you think that will impact the 2020 election?
5) What would you say is the most important or impactful story you have ever written?

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