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GunFreedomRadio EP257 Why Meadow Died with Andrew Pollack

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Our guest today is Andrew Pollack. Andrew is the author of “Why Meadow Died- the people and policies that created the Parkland killer and endanger America’s schools”.

Andrew’s life was forever changed when his beautiful 18 year old daughter, Meadow, was murdered in the massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL on February 14, 2018. Since that time, he has been advocating for a national change in mindset when it comes to school security, and in Florida he was instrumental in getting a monumental safety bill passed that is now being implemented in the state.

1) First of all, let us say that as parents ourselves, we cannot imagine the devastating loss of a child that your family has endured, and we are so sorry that this is the topic that we want to take you back to in our conversation today.

Some of the first words the nation heard you say was Fix It! You wanted not retribution, but solutions for other families in the future. Tell us what you have learned are parts of those solutions?

2) Schools are just now reopening around the nation, after the Covid shutdowns. If you could talk to every School Board, Educator, and School Administrator in the nation, what would you tell them they should have been doing during the break?

3) You wrote the foreword for John Lott’s book, “Gun Control Myths”. What were some of the myths you believed before you started looking for ways to keep our kids safe in the future?

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