GunFreedomRadio 18 Jan 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP269 New Year. New Challenges. with Jeff Knox

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Our guest today is Jeff Knox. Jeff is the Director of The Firearms Coalition. He is a second generation rights activist, following in the footsteps of his father, gun rights legend, Neal Knox, who spent 40 years in the trenches of the gun rights battle. Jeff is a regular columnist and contributor to a variety of print and online publications. He along with his brother Chris, maintain

1) The 2020 Election brought AZ some significant changes. But, are the challenges to the 2A any different than we already fight in any given year?

2) You often use the phrase, "YOU are the gun Lobby". For the 8 Million brand new gun owners across the nation "“ what does that mean?

3) You and I will again be co-emceeing the 2021 2A AZ Rally on Saturday, February 20th at the AZ State Capitol. Why is meeting together to Celebrate our enumerated Rights so important?

4) How do people follow you?

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