GunFreedomRadio 30 Apr 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP302 Guns & Gadgets with Jared Yanis

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Our guest today is Jared Yanis. Jared is the Host of the YouTube Channel, Guns & Gadgets, that has become the premier source for 2nd Amendment news.
In the time of "Spin" and "Fake News" Guns & Gadgets helps you stay on top of the never-ending attempts to violate our right to keep and bear arms with unfiltered information.
1) You have a background in law enforcement. How do you find yourself being an online newscaster?
2) Thinking over the stories you have covered, can you recall one that just really stands out for you?
3) The current anti-rights push is giving us more to talk about than we can keep up with. Is there any good news on the horizon to help counteract some of the bad Bills and "Initial Actions by Biden and Harris"?
4) Tell us about some of your most recent videos.

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