GunFreedomRadio 17 May 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP306 Making Civic Action As Easy As Pie with Merissa Hamilton

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Our guest today is Merissa Hamilton. Merissa is the former Republican candidate for Phoenix Mayor in 2020.

The first partisan candidate in over two decades to receive the endorsement of law enforcement for Phoenix Mayor, Merissa holds the record for the highest number of votes in Phoenix history for a non-incumbent.

She recently co-founded a non-partisan grassroots organization called that makes civic action easy as pie. is on fire with over 5400 members in a little over a month.

1) Tell us more about EZAZ. How did it start? What do you hope to do with this member organization?

2) We are talking on Monday, May 10, 2021. The Election Integrity Audit is still taking place as we speak. This is a historic event, but many act as though the idea of an audit is somehow anti-American. If it is, then maybe the IRS will get that memo. What are your thoughts on the audit?

- AZ Legislature Sine Die Survey

3) You are one of the speakers at the Freedomworks' America's Comeback Tour with Nigel Farage and Kari Lake. Tell us about this event coming up in Phoenix, AZ on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 "“ just about a week from when this interview airs.

4) Between the election audit and Critical Race Theory Legislation, our home State of AZ is at the forefront of freedom-saving movements. What is going on with this CRT Legislation?

5) Something else AZ has become famous (or infamous) for is voting in Republican Legislators who end up behaving more like their Democratic counterparts.

Two such Legislators, Michelle Udall and Joel John are currently  pushing for something that seems not-at-all like fiscal and Constitutional Conservatives. On that note, tell us about SCR1044.

- A push for all illegal immigrants to have in-state college degree tuition (but not legal immigrants who aren't of permanent status yet)

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