GunFreedomRadio 24 May 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP309 Standing Up with Julie Wentz

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Our guest today is Julie Wentz. Julie is the co-founder of Arizona Stands Up!, which is a non-profit organization consisting of patriots and leaders standing against the current unlawful government-imposed state of emergency/executive orders, closure of businesses and mask mandates due to Covid-19 restrictions.
People have the personal right to decide their healthcare directive and how to manage their own lives and livelihoods, and the government overreach has gone too far, and Julie and the members of AZ Stands Up believe that it will take legal action to stop the state and local government leaders from infringing further.
1) How did Arizona Stands Up get started?
2) What made you personally want to create this movement?
3) What were the original goals for Arizona Stands Up and what are current/ future goals?

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