GunFreedomRadio 14 Jun 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP318 Freedom Junkie with Betsy Dewey

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Our guest today is Betsy Dewey. Betsy is the founder of the Freedom Junkie Radio podcast.
She is an author, speaker, prepper, rugged individualist, risk taker, Constitutionalist, and former Libertarian Congressional candidate.
Betsy is a freedom-advocate who thrives outside her comfort zone, and who champions the power of individual freedom.
She is also a professional musician in Austin, TX - fiddle player and singer/songwriter with a new release called We Can Agree.
1) Why are the Constitution and the Second Amendment so important to you?
2) What is your Second Amendment journey? Did you grow up with firearms in your parent's home?
3) You have a gun range and you use that range to convert anti-gun people into gun owners... tell us about that.
4) Why did you choose to start your podcast called Freedom Junkie Radio?
5) What's the most exciting thing you've noticed since starting Freedom Junkie Radio and interviewing people for the show?
6) You've got a new song out called "We Can Agree" (What's in the V?) Where can people find it?

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