GunFreedomRadio 23 Jun 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP319 Bullets and Bombshells UK with Gerald Bailey

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Our guest today is Gerald Bailey. Gerald is the organizer of Bullets and Bombshells UK.
He was born in Rhodesia, grew up in South Africa and now lives in the UK. He is an elite navy diver serving on the teams in the reserves forces in the UK.
Gerald is a nature conservation officer, running a game reserve and nature reserves, and is a qualified firearms instructor as well as a combative red dot pistol instructor.
He has published 7 politically incorrect self-defense related e-books, and is a firm believer in the international right to self-defense.
And here in the US, Gerald runs firearm related classes through Covenant Tactical based in Texas.
1) Here in the US we have different laws in different states, but for the most part firearms are ingrained in the culture of our nation. You grew up in the UK, where guns are not as acceptable culturally speaking. So, how did you get into firearms?
2) What do you think are some of the main areas of concern within the training world today?
3) What do you focus on when running a firearms class?
4) Your eBooks why did you write them? And what are the topics that you cover and where can somebody get them from?
- Tell us specifically about the one on How to Survive a Home Invasion.
5) Tell us about the Bullets and Bombshells UK event.

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