GunFreedomRadio 25 Jun 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP322 Is There a Problem, Officer? with Steve Pomper

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Our guest today is Steve Pomper. Steve is an author, freelance writer, and retired Seattle police officer.
During his career, he served as a field training officer, on the Community Police Team, and as a mountain bike patrol coordinator.
He has written several books, and his latest title is "The Obama Gang: How Barack Obama, through his post-presidency foundation, assembled, launched, and wages the new assault on American law enforcement".
1) Before we dive into your new favorite line on your website is: "What's the Most Government Can Do for Me? The Least Government Can Do for Me." That is a very Libertarian stance. You have also been a Law Enforcement Officer. There are more than a few people who would say that those are competing mindsets. For you, how do those two things mesh together?
2) Let's talk about your book, "The Obama Gang".
3) Tell us about your article in LifeZette, titled "Is the FBI Misreporting Data About Legal Gun Owners Stopping Active Shooters?"
4) Back in November you wrote an article titled, "Cops' Free Speech Rights: Like Walking Through a Minefield"”Barefoot"”On Crushed Glass". And, recently, Nate Sylvester an ID police officer made a comical video pretending to ask LeBron James if it was ok to stop a knife fight. That officer was fired for making a funny TikToc video. Can you expound on what you wrote in your article?

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