GunFreedomRadio 21 Jul 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP328 Educating About The Fed with Alan Myers

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Our guest today is Alan Myers. Alan Myers is a San Diego CPA and forensic accountant. For 10 years, he has dedicated himself to researching, studying and analyzing the Federal Reserve System, banking and the national debt.
Alan is a writer, speaker and radio commentator on these and other related topics. The national monetary system is the most powerful system in our country because everything in our country is connected to it. Unfortunately, says Alan, this system was not designed to work in the best interest of the people or our country.
1) Let's blast through your book titled, Fed Ed: Basic Monetary System Education. What are the absolute HAVE-TO takeaways that we need to leave our audience with to have a better educated citizenry.
2) What is the origin and development of money?
3) What are the historical characteristics of what defines what money is?
4) Does crypto fit enough characteristics to actually be or become money?
5) Why is the Fed depicted on the cover of your book as a Hydra?
6) Let's discuss some items that people have used as money in World History.

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