GunFreedomRadio 09 Aug 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP333 Chasing the Truth with Paloma A. Capanna

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Our guest today is Paloma A. Capanna. Paloma has been speaking and writing about the Second Amendment as the modern civil rights movement for nearly fifteen years.
In more than 25-years in state and federal courtrooms, Paloma has represented plaintiffs in ground-breaking civil rights litigation. An award-winning activist and writer, Paloma chases truth until it's treed.
And her latest work is a book titled "The Events of January 6, 2021: What Impact the Second Amendment Movement?".
1) We want you to talk us through your book, but I would like to start at the end if we can. Can you tell us if you have reached any conclusions?
2) The push to re-define what and who is a "domestic terrorist" is ingrained in the January 6th events, but it feels like a chicken and egg type of situation.
3) Your book has a "Call to action" for Second Amendment supporters.
4) Is there a hopeful message in all of this?

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