GunFreedomRadio 04 Aug 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP334 Rick Ector with When Freedom is Free

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Our guest today is Rick Ector. Rick is a Civil Rights Advocate "“ a Keynote Speaker "“ an Expert Witness "“ a Freelance Writer and a Firearm Instructor.

Rick is a NRA credentialed Firearms Trainer based in Detroit, Michigan. In addition to empowering citizens how to assume a greater role in their own safety, he also provides several community events throughout the year.

His biggest event is the "FREE Shooting Event For Ladies" in which he trained nearly 2,000 women over one weekend in August 2020! And it is time to gear up for the 2021 event!

1) Tell us about the details for this year's event. Where, when, who should come?

2) You always have a star-studded lineup of well-known trainers at this event, who are you expecting this year?

3) The man who has been nominated for the head of the ATF, David Chipman, has been quoted as being very condescending toward all of the brand new, first time gun owners across the nation as though they couldn't possibly become trained and responsibly armed. What would you say to anyone who is buying into that way of viewing new gun owners?

4) How and why did you become a firearm instructor?

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