GunFreedomRadio 20 Sep 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP342 Amm-Con 2021 with Paul Lathrop

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Our guest today is Paul Lathrop. Paul is the Deputy Director of New Media for the Second Amendment Foundation (
He started his work in second amendment media as the owner and co-executive producer of the Polite Society Podcast on the Self Defense Radio Network and now produces several shows on a regular basis.
Paul is also the creator of Amm-Con, which is the Alternative Mass Media Conference.
1) Let's start with Amm-Con. Give us the 411 on this ever-growing annual event. Where, When, Who should come?
- This FREE conference is for ANY CITIZEN-JOURNALIST! Podcasters, Bloggers, YouTube creators, and anyone else in new media that has a connection to the 2nd Amendment Community.
- Sat & Sun Oct 2 & 3, at the Westin Dallas Fort Worth
2) What are some of the topics we will be covering during Amm-Con?
- Technology & Techniques to Produce a Podcast, Understanding Anti-Gun Propaganda, Researching for Proper Language Use, How to Process a FOIA Request, Choosing and Respecting Your Audience, Unmucking Social Media, Becoming a 2A Writer, Enhancing Video Interviews, Beyond the Choir, Simon Says Protect the 2A4E, Avoiding Cultural Landmines, How to Find Your Unique Voice, Patreon & Monetization, Becoming A Local Media Expert, Marketing and Branding Yourself, Images are More Powerful than Words, and Blockchain and NFTs: Next Generation "Digital" Firearms.
3) Talk to us about the regular podcasts you run?
- Daily Bullet, Polite Society Podcast, Weekly Bullet
4) There is another major event coming up on Sept 25 & 26. The Digital Gun Rights Policy Conference. This is hosted every year by the Second Amendment Foundation, and you play a bigger part than ever, now that it is digital. Talk to us about that.

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