GunFreedomRadio 22 Sep 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP343 Stand Up And Lead with Geoffrey Botkin

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Our guest today is Geoffrey Botkin. Geoffrey, along with his sons, is a director of TRex-arms, and are very serious about training and arming the modern day minute-man. He hosts the podcast “Stand Up And Lead”.
Geoffrey understand the need for us to articulate misplaced truths and lessons about family dynamics, and the strength of the family institution. His works in progress include a documentary on the role families can play in the development of civil society.
He also publishes materials through the Western Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences, primarily for leaders in the United States, Europe and Africa.
1) On your podcast you recently had an episode titled, “When Cops Run Out of Ammo” focused on the cautionary tale that South Africa has become. Talk to us about that.
2) We have borrowed our theme today from the name of your organization. Tell us about the purpose and mission of “Stand Up And Lead”.
3) Your TRex-arms website’s stated focus is on “training and arming the modern day minute-man”. What do you mean when you say “minute-man”?
4) Last week we learned that David Chipman’s nomination to the head of ATF has finally been withdrawn. The ATF is a regulatory body that is run by unelected officials and they have incredible power over our individual lives. What have you learned about the ATF and what is your opinion of what should be done about their powers?
5) We began this interview talking about unrest in South Africa. Most people are unaware of what is happening there, but we are watching in embarrassment and horror at what is going on in Afghanistan. From your experience, what do you think will happen in Afghanistan next?

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