GunFreedomRadio 13 Oct 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP350 No Laughing Matter with Simmone Park

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Our guest today is Simmone Park. Simmone Park is a multilingual management consultant and stand-up comedian who has lived and worked in ten countries so far.
For six years after a violent assault at gunpoint, Simmone was fervently anti-gun and changed her location every 3-4 months, unaware that she had feared for her safety.
After taking time to heal, process the experience, and work on overcoming her trauma, she now lives in Hawaii, where she feels at peace. Simmone also decided to educate herself on guns and the law and is now Pro-Second Amendment and ultimately chose to work for a pro-freedom law firm, Attorneys for Freedom, that fights for the rights of citizens in Hawaii and Arizona.
1) Thank you for being willing to go back to the worst moments of your life and talk to us about the day you were assaulted at gunpoint.
2) You have said that part of the trauma that resulted from that horrific assault is that it caused you to start thinking of people in terms of their race.
3) There are loud voices across the nation, many of them women who are actively pushing the idea that women, minorities, and especially victims of crime should want to throw our 2A Rights away. Yet, you, being a member of all of those demographics, have become pro-2nd amendment. Tell us about how you have come to this determination?
4) What was it like the first time you shot a pistol?
5) You were not born in the US which places you in a legal citizenship status that prevents you from owning a firearm, yet you still choose to take safety training/tactical gun courses. Why is that? And how do you feel not being able to own a firearm?
6) How did you come to work with Attorneys for Freedom?
7) Tell us about the Attorneys On Retainer program.
8) You have said that gun rights are women’s rights. Why do you believe this?

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