GunFreedomRadio 01 Nov 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP352 Bleeding Blue with Kevin Jackson

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Our guest today is Kevin Jackson. Kevin is a creator, director, movie producer, best selling author and nationally syndicated show host. He is the founder and CEO of The Kevin Jackson Network.
In the wake of the anti-police narrative that exploded in the summer of 2020, Kevin funded and produced the film, "Bleeding Blue" to offer a voice to the men and women who Serve in law enforcement.
1) Tell us about your new film, "Bleeding Blue". Was there one specific event or moment that put this project in motion or was it a culmination of things?
2) What do you see happening with police officers in our culture today?
3) How has the media impacted people's perception of policing in America?
4) What do police officers go through that most people don't know about or realize?
5) How do you see people in Arizona being able to help the police and what action can we take to keep them funded in Arizona?

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