GunFreedomRadio 17 Dec 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP362 The Rights of States with AZ State Representative Frank Carroll

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Our guest today is AZ State Representative Frank Carroll. Representative Carroll is a two-term member of the Arizona House of Representatives and Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation. He also serves on the Government Elections Committee and the Committee on Natural Resources, Energy & Water.
Born and raised in Chicago, Carroll was the son of a Chicago Police Officer. He is a strong Second Amendment activist and works each day to preserve our inalienable rights by standing with our Forefathers who fought for the ideals, values and principles that made our country exceptional.
1) Tell us about your current efforts to curb discrimination by the banking community and other financial institutions against firearms manufacturers, gun shops, and others.
2) Let's discuss the growing ESG movement (environmental, social and corporate-governance) that has potential to further encroach on the firearm community.
3) Federalism and federal overreach coming from Washington is a growing problem for our Individual Freedoms. And while each state is supposed to uphold State's Rights, doesn't the ultimate weight of responsibility rest on the shoulders of individual citizens?

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