GunFreedomRadio 02 Feb 2022

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GunFreedomRadio EP365 Countering Anti-gun Propaganda with Erich Pratt

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Our guest today is Erich Pratt. Erich is the Senior Vice President for Gun Owners of America (GOA).
GOA is a national grassroots organization representing more than two million Americans dedicated to promoting their Second Amendment freedom to keep and bear arms.
And Erich just authored an important new book titled Firing Back: How to counter anti-gun propaganda and become a better 2A activist.
1) Let's start with some personal background on you and your family. You have personal experience with a Government that became corrupted and tyrannical, and how that was directly related to the disarming of the citizenry. How did this impact your family?
2) Those of us who pay attention to the messaging of Politicians and Media understand the tidal wave of misinformation poured on the average American Citizen every single day. But, for those perhaps not as tuned in, why was now the moment you chose to write "Firing Back"?
3) Taking a look at some of the chapters, the first gives the secret to the best way advocates of the Second Amendment can verbally fire back.
4) The next three seem to go hand in hand: Guns save lives, gun-control is dangerous and so-called gun-free-zones are some of the most dangerous places in our nation. Unpack some of that for us.
5) What do you say to people who insist that other countries that have already disarmed their citizens are safer than the United States?
6) Our mutual friend Maj Toure has been saying for years that all gun-control is racist and you discuss this in chapter seven. Can you walk us through the reasons why this is true?
7) The final chapter of your book challenges the reader to put into practice the Activism discussed in the book. Can you give us a teaser on that?

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