GunFreedomRadio 28 Mar 2022

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GunFreedomRadio EP373 Stand Your Ground with Lauren Snyder

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Our guest today is Lauren Snyder. Lauren "Liberty" Snyder is a differently-abled model and political activist from Long Island, New York who now resides in Arizona with her husband and two dogs.
Lauren is the 2nd Vice Chair and Communications Director of the AZ Libertarian Party. Lauren also is a Member of The DC Project: Women who are dedicated to safeguarding our Second Amendment.
On March 3, 2022 Lauren offered testimony at an AZ State Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing. After Lauren's emotional testimony about having been sexually assaulted and also being a survivor of domestic violence, AZ District 19 Senator Lupe Contreras (D) made a statement saying that if citizens feel the need to be Responsibly Armed outside their homes then, quote..."Why even walk around at that point. Stay at home behind closed doors".
1) Can you give us brief synopsis how things went on the day you testified?
2) There’s a saying that “when someone tells you who they are you should believe them”. What should Senator Contreras’s constituents know about him.
3) If more people would speak up from their personal experience, as you did, our Government would surely better represent us. But, the word “testimony” sounds very intimidating. Can you help demystify it for our audience?
4) A letter was sent to Senator Contreras by you and the DC Project. Has the Senator responded to you?
5) The Senator blocked you on Twitter. Has he since removed that block?

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