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GunFreedomRadio EP387 Engage To Win with Melanie Sturm

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Our guest today is Melanie Sturm. Melanie is the founder of Engage2Win where she aims to change communication for good, and The Win Coach for leaders of all stripes "“ elected officials, political candidates, corporate executives, advocates, and non-profit and movement leaders.
Because persuasion involves winning people over to common ground they instinctively share Melanie teaches how to inspire an audience, including skeptics, to follow your lead, not based on what you say, but of what your audience hears you say.
Based on the truism that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care, Melanie teaches how to become more "hearable" by cultivating Six Powers of Persuasion.
1) What are the Six Powers of Persuasion?
2) What does it mean to Engage to Win? Can we really win over people who are hostile to our message?
3) Currently the main divide in the nation is between Conservatives and Marxists. If, as some believe, conservative ideas and values are the best for the most people, and Marxism devastates the people it purports to help, why are conservatives perceived as black-hearted and Marxists kind-hearted?
4) What is persuasion and what are the keys to being persuasive?
5) Can you give some examples of how conservatives could message better on issues that are at the top of voter's minds in this election year? (Such as on electoral integrity, immigration, education/CRT, energy/climate change)

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