GunFreedomRadio 23 Jan 2023

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GunFreedomRadio EP396 The Patriot Barbie with Lindsey Graham

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Our guest today is Lindsey Graham. Lindsey who is nationally known as "The Patriot Barbie", defied the lockdowns in Oregon, where she reopened and single handedly took on the tyrannical government.
After losing six businesses and being threatened, harassed and tormented by the media, antifa, the governor of Oregon and BLM activists, Lindsey and her family moved to Arizona for safety and freedom.
Starting over, she became a loud and bold conservative activist, influencer, podcast host, author and firebrand media personality.
1) When you moved out of Oregon what made you choose Arizona?
2) You took a bold stance in Oregon, and the pushback against you would have crushed a lesser person. Tell us what all of that looks like standing where you are today. Would you have done anything differently?
3) Why didn't you start new businesses in AZ, and what is your next step?
4) You will be one of the speakers at the 10th Annual Celebrate & Protect the 2A Rally Event on Saturday, February 18, 2023 at the AZ State Capitol. Tell us why that is such an important event to lend your voice to.
5) What is the biggest fight in America right now?
6) What can Americans do to get in the fight??
7) How do people follow you and purchase your book?

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